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About Lintels & Lallies Lintels & Lallies is your creative source for interior, color, and inspiration. With a deep passion for all things ‘design,’ interior stylist Barbara Ann Holmes will assist you with projects as small as color selections, to large-scale interior design planning. For a full list of services, click here. Circle ImageAbout Barbara Ann Holmes Known for her warm personality and creative approach to design, Barbara Holmes’s artistic philosophy is all about conveying the feelings each client relates to ‘home’. She uses her talents & knowledge to help her clients identify the missing pieces of the puzzle and reveal their lives’ stories in an interior form. Barbara finds inspiration from virtually everything around her, and her creativity makes her a continuous source of ideas. Born & raised in the midwest, Barbara holds high values for family and relationships, and it is her desire to genuinely help people create a finished project that they will love. Barbara began working professionally with color and design in 2000 within the art & framing industry and her passion for helping clients has grown from a rooted interest in people, their stories & styles. As a graduate of Sheffield School of Interior Design (aka New York Institute of Art & Design), Barbara now offers a full range of interior design & styling services. Finding inspiration in unlikely places led Barbara to the name ‘Lintels & Lallies’. The name came from the movie, ‘Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House’. “It’s a name that brings a smile to my face. There is a humorus scene in the movie where the main character (played by Carry Grant) is asked a question he knows nothing about, and his response, well, you can watch it for yourself right here: video clip. In short, a lintel is a horizontal header beam, and a lally is a support column – commonly used in thresholds. My goal is to create an environment my clients love the moment they cross through their own lintels & lallies!” ~Barbara~

Lintels and Lallies

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